Hans & Franz

It's a new snack brand, of which the brand equities are uncomplicated, communicative, young and tasty. It should make fun to eat the snacks and by the resealable boxes you can take it everywhere.


Dec 2011


Student work




Photoshop, Illustrator, pen & paper


Hans & Franz

The packaging

On the packs you can see “Hans & Franz”, which portray the different flavours. They are illustrated in a cheeky young way that matches with the brand values. The real product (e.g. chips or nuts) is displayed additional in the background.

Hans & Franz Hans & Franz


For the style guide i've been inspired by the Pantone guide. It is clipped together in the upper left corner so that you can easily leaf through it. The young, colourful and relaxed appearance invites to take a closer look and simply makes fun, in contrast to some other dry and boring guides.

Hans & Franz

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