Things I love

Nice packaging, be creative, traveling, decoration, Apple, Singstar, Labello, Zwiebelmett, currants, pepper, Christmas, mountains, flea markets, dye my hair, my pug

What I don't like

fish, volleyball, diving, mummies, crawling car driver, New Year's Eve, rain, elevators, Bülent Ceylan

About me

Hello, I'm Mandy Niebergall, a 25-year-old Graphic Designer living and working in Hamburg, Germany. I've just finished my Graphic Design studies (grades point average of 2.0) with a main focus on packaging and branding. Now I'm working in a little Packaging Agency in Hamburg.


I was born and raised in Kiel. My creative side showed up at a very young age, and I have always had a strong love for arts and crafts ever since. At the age of 13 I discovered my passion for image editing and got into web designing with Photoshop. That, in effect, made me realize that I wanted to become a graphic designer.


After my studies of digital media design at the advertising and marketing agency New Communication in Kiel, I was interested in deepening my education in this field, all the while nurturing my creative side. I started my graphic design studies at the Institute of Design in Hamburg where I subsequently found the enthusiasm and passion I was searching for in the packaging and branding fields.


I highly appreciate teamwork and consider myself a strong team player. With regard to learning, I am a quick and thorough study, stemming from my love for the field I work in and the discipline needed to succeed. I am highly motivated to start new exciting projects and to see things through with diligence, passion, and, not least, fun and fresh ideas.



Curriculum Vitae

You can download the German version here.